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Story from the Field

Name of Health Department/Agency: Franklin County Health Department
State: KY
Date Added: 12/21/2009
Themes: Vaccine Supply and Distribution
Issue Summary: National and Regional Pharmacy Chain Participation in H1N1 Vaccine Campaign in KY
Description of Issue(s): Just last week, FCHD held a lunch and learn for local providers in our community who have expressed interest in this by signing up on Kentucky's KHELPS. These providers included some independents as well as the larger chains (Kroger's, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's, etc.)
Actions taken to address the issue(s): We explained how we've been able to offer to the target populations through FCHD off-site closed clinics to HCP's, daycares and schools and through multiple drive thru's, and that the supplies have increased so that we can now bring them in. We thanked them for working in this community and said we knew they would be invaluable in needed, continued out-reach. We provided time for Q & A and distributed H1N1 vaccine and supplies, along with a folder of information on H1N1 and the many processes surrounding distribution and admin billing.
Outcomes that resulted from actions taken: They seemed appreciative of this and the opportunity to meet one another for the first time. For many, too, it was also the first time they've visited the health department and learned about our services. They also could put faces to names for future contacts. We have also put an ad in the local paper listing these KHELPS providers.

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