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Story from the Field

Name of Health Department/Agency: Kane County Health Department
State: IL
Date Added: 12/21/2009
Themes: Vaccine Planning and Administration
Issue Summary: Minor League Baseball Stadium Used for Second H1N1 Vaccine Dose Clinic
Description of Issue(s): The first time we did H1N1 vaccinations, we held three big mass clinics in October and pushed almost 12,000 people through in five hours. There were a lot of screaming kids and a lot of hysterics. They were held in school gymnasiums where people waited in line outside--sometimes in the mist--and it took two or three hours.
Actions taken to address the issue(s): We held a second dose clinic at a minor league baseball stadium in Kane County, IL, just outside of Chicago. We took over their suite level at the ballpark and used the suites as individual vaccinator PODs or stations. We had four vaccinators to every suite at the ballpark. We targeted kids who had received their first dose from us starting in October, up through November 5. We also had the team mascot and Santa there, which helped immensely with the kids getting them moving through.

Using the suite level and the ballpark to get people lined up allowed us to get people in and out in 25 minutes. There was just a really quick turnaround with smiling faces and everybody happy. We surveyed our people as they waited there 5-10 minutes after they had gotten their vaccine and got very good feedback.

The stadium also did all the staff meals. We contracted with them to cook the food for staff that was there that day so it took out the logistics of trying to coordinate food for all these workers.

Outcomes that resulted from actions taken: The biggest thing we learned was in working with the stadium. They've got really good event management. They are well-versed in the logistics of getting people in and out, working with their states, temperature control, anything we needed they were able to put their hands on and get to us almost immediately. It's a little different than working in a high school or community college setting where we normally set up our mass clinics. There you have to figure out some of that stuff on your own or with the school that does it but doesn't do it all the time necessarily.

Overall, it was a very, very positive experience both from the management side of things, as well as having the mascot and Santa there to take care of some of those hysterical kids.

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