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Vaccines for Children Campaign Materials

Radio Public Service Announcements

These public service announcements have been airing on radio stations around the country, promoting Vaccines for Children.  Click on the links below to download.

60 Second Version (English)

30 Second Version (English)

15 Second Version (English)

60 Second Version (Spanish)

In addition to the pre-recorded radio spots, a Microsoft Word document of the 30- and 60-second scripts is also available.  With these scripts, you can customize the PSA with your organization’s name and distribute to radio stations in your area for them to utilize as “live read” scripts.  If you would like to pursue this opportunity, we suggest the following:

  • Replace NACCHO’s information with your health department’s name plus a brief description (or “boilerplate”) on both scripts
  • Have someone read both scripts and time them to ensure that they do not exceed 30 and 60 seconds, respectively
  • If needed, edit your health department’s information to reduce the running time
  • Print the scripts on your letterhead and send to radio stations in your area, with a cover note explaining the importance of promoting the Vaccines for Children program and requesting that they read the 30- or 60-second PSA on the air

If you would like to send your local radio station an audio copy of the PSAs, please contact Abby Berns at aberns@naccho.org for more information.

Posters and Tear Pads

Free posters and pads of tear-off sheets are now available for ordering.  Place these printed materials in your health department and clinics and share them with your community partners.

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