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NACCHO is dedicated to strengthening local health departments' immunization infrastructure. NACCHO's immunization work increases local health departments' capacity to implement evidence-based public health programs, policies, and services to meet national standards in preventing and controlling vaccine preventable diseases.


In fall 2015, NACCHO awarded funding to ten local health departments to host an action planning meeting with stakeholders to determine strategies to address local HPV vaccination rates. Also, NACCHO extended additional funding to its first cohort of health departments, selected in 2014, to support the implementation of their HPV action plans. View the list of local health department grantees and resources from this project. More »


NACCHO has launched its newest blog, Healthy People, Healthy Places: The Essential Elements of Local Public Health, a resource that helps local health departments tackle emerging infectious disease and environmental health issues. Visit the blog often for news, resources, tools, and events. The blog also features the latest updates that local health departments need to know about immunization. More »

Billing toolki150)

NACCHO has created a toolkit with resources, templates, and tools for local health departments to use and develop capacity to bill third party payers for immunization, STD, TB, and HIV services. More than 200 resources have currently been collected from state billing guides, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, state health departments, local health departments, insurance companies, and vendors of products such as electronic medical records and billing clearinghouses. The Billing for Clinical Services Toolkit provides information to local health departments that are interested in starting the process to bill public and private sector payers for immunization and other clinical services.  More »

NACCHO's Immunization Resources
Immunization Toolkit
Download immunization resources produced by other local departments and public health partners. (Search for Immunization toolkit) More »
Immunization Policy Statements
 See NACCHO's positions on current immunization policies. More »
Infectious Disease and Immunization Update Newsletter: "The Transmission"
Sign up for NACCHO's monthly newsletter for the latest developments in emerging infectious disease issues and immunization policy. More »
Issue Brief: "National Vaccine Advisory Committee 2013 Update of the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice and Implications for Local Health Departments"
NACCHO's issue brief provides an overview of NVAC’s 2013 Adult Standards and their implications for public health practice at local health departments. More »
Flu Season Resources
NACCHO's Influenza page features resources for flu season, including information about flu vaccinations. More »