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Overview of Demonstration Sites

Young Man Close-upThe project period for the demonstration sites was only one year; therefore, LHDs with strong relationships with local school systems were selected through a competitive process and challenged to take their programs a step further.

Both Portland and Stamford had well-established programs working with and/or in their local schools and have extensive involvement with their communities through involvement on local coalitions. Both programs target youth in grades 7-12, particularly youth considered to be at high risk.

The sites were able to access to youth through school-based health clinics and also worked with youth in the classroom, in other schools settings (e.g., mental health counseling), and in community settings with school-aged youth. In addition, both demonstration sites addressed the broad spectrum of factors that affect sexual risk behavior, including mental health and substance abuse.

Final Analysis of 2004-2005 Demonstration Sites

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Criteria for the Demonstration Sites


  • Evidence of agency capacity in working with coalitions (past or present)
  • Evidence of agency capacity in working with schools (past or present)
  • Demonstrated commitment to the project by LHD, community, and school partners
  • Proposal cites evidence-based educational and prevention methods

Project Description

  • Reasonable outcomes (health and/or process)
  • Realistic work plan (e.g., time line, goals/objectives)
  • Realistic and appropriate staffing plan
  • Realistic and appropriate partnership plan
  • Realistic and appropriate evaluation plan

Description of Programs

The City of Portland, Health and Human Services Department "HIV Prevention in Schools" program emphasized a mission-driven rather than a budget-driven approach. Their activities included: an HIV/STI prevention needs assessment of the school and community in collaboration with related coalitions; screening for high risk behaviors and one-on-one follow-up for high-risk students; HIV testing offered at 4 targeted schools; HIV testing offered by health department HIV/STI prevention staff at 3 community partner sites; the provision of prevention materials, including condoms, available to all students in the student health centers; presentations of CDC-approved curricula in each of four targeted schools by health department HIV/STI prevention staff, including one middle school; printing and distribution of 150 posters and 2500 flyers for schools and community sites, with written translations in the 8 major languages spoken in the community; serving as the primary sponsoring agency for the Teen Convention, a community-wide youth health fair; and participation in the Northeast Regional Minority Health Conference.

The City of Stamford, Department of Health and Human Services’ strong ties to the community have been maintained over a number of years. This existing relationship led to collaboration with schools to carry out HIV prevention activities on campus. Working in high schools and adapting activities for one middle school, the "Frisky Business" program activities included providing sexuality counseling and age-appropriate educational materials for all students who present at school-based clinics for physicals, STI visits, and/or pregnancy tests; risk-reduction sessions for students referred for high-risk sexual behavior; classroom lessons in prevention strategies for high-risk sexual behavior; on-site confidential HIV testing with a minimum of two counseling sessions in high school clinics; and an 8-week risk reduction group session addressing substance abuse, HIV and/or other STIs.

Demonstration Site Resources and Materials

Click on the links below to view resources and materials produced by the demonstration sites. Please note: All files are in PDF format and may take a few minutes to download.

City of Portland's "HIV Prevention in Schools Program"

City of Stamford's "Frisky Business Program"