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Local Health Department Receiving Technical Assistance: Union County Health Department, OH

The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) is currently offering technical assistance support to local health departments to improve their capacity to develop or enhance health promotion programs for people living with disabilities through coordination of existing health department and community services.


Approximately 450 Union County residents with disabilities are served by the Board of Developmental Disabilities.   The Union County Health Department and its community partners are conducting a project to promote the health and well-being of people with disabilities funded by NACCHO. 

Project Activities:

Union County Health Department is receiving technical assistance from Madison County-London City Health District and is planning to be trained in the Healthy Lifestyles curriculum and implement the Healthy Lifestyles program.

Click here for further details about Madison County-London City Health District's project.

Project Update:

Madison County Health Department attended a 3-day session in New York to become trained in the Healthy Lifestyles curriculum. Upon completion of the training, Madison County Health Department implemented the Healthy Lifestyles classes into a six-week two-hour a day class held at the local YMCA for children ages 14 to 19. The children were bused in for the classes by the school system and were offered "credit" to attend the class. The children were able to take a yoga lesson, an exercise class, and a massage class. Each session was followed by summary of the day's lesson and information of each lesson was sent home to the parents. The Healthy Lifestyles Class was a success for Madison County and they hope to start one for disabled adults soon.


For more information on Union County, please contact:
Melinda (Mindy) Stice
Union County Health Department
Tel: 937-642-2053 ext. 2063
Web Site: