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Akron Health Department (OH)


Approximately 80,025 residents in Akron have a disability. The Akron Health Department and its community partners conducted a pilot project to promote the health and well-being of people with disabilities funded by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).

Project Activities:

Akron Health Department is surveying clients/patients with disabilities to identify health promotion needs and interests. In addition, they are working in partnership with leaders and members in the disability community to address the social determinants of health for people with disabilities.

Technical Assistance Program:

NACCHO is currently offering technical assistance support to local health departments to improve their capacity to develop or enhance health promotion programs for people living with disabilities through coordination of existing health department and community services.

Akron Health Department is providing technical assistance to Suffolk County Health Department (NY).  For more information, please visit: Suffolk County Health Department.

Project Update:

Akron Health Department, with assistance provided by the Suffolk County Health Department, held a Health Promotion and Disabilities Summit this summer. At the summit, the Akron Health Department generated a white paper, registration brochure, and final report. The groundwork was shared on how to create a white paper for people living with disabilities in Akron.

For more information on Akron, please contact:
Courtney Hudson, Epidemiologist
Akron Health Department
Tel: 330-375-2988,  Ext. 3122
Web Site: