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Translation and Dissemination

From Research to Practice: NACCHO Supports Local Health Departments in Translation and Dissemination

NACCHO aims to improve the adoption and use of effective approaches to chronic disease preventive services among Local Health Departments (LHDs).  In line with this goal, NACCHO promotes the adoption and translation of evidence-based strategies, policies, and programs that reduce chronic disease risk factors, and increase access to environments that provide opportunities for health and wellness. This web page is devoted to helping LHDs translate effective strategies into practice by providing up-to-date information on the latest research in translation and dissemination and tips/tools for dealing with related challenges 

What is Translation and Dissemination?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, translation refers to the sequence of events from discovery of new knowledge to its adoption and use in practice settings. Translation involves several elements including dissemination, implementation and diffusion. Dissemination refers to the targeted spreading of information or technology about effective strategies, programs, policies, and research findings. Implementation is comprised of strategic and planned activities to put new knowledge into practice. Diffusion involves processes that move knew knowledge into common use and understanding. NACCHO's goal is to support LHDs in the widespread translation of chronic disease prevention practices, programs, and policies.

NACCHO's Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making and Planning

NACCHO undertook a process and outcome evaluation to assess the effectiveness of its Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making and Planning in increasing LHD capacity to incorporate the translation of evidence in to their decision-making and planning practices. Click here to access report. To pilot test the framework, NACCHO funded 5 LHDs to implement evidence-based recommendations from The Community Guide, a CDC resource that recommends strategies, programs, and policies proven effective. The success stories below, highlight the accomplishments of funded demonstration sites in translating effective chronic disease prevention programs into practice:

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