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Chronic Disease Prevention Toolkit

NACCHO's Chronic Disease Prevention Project has collaborated with national organizations and the CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in an effort to connect local and state public health practitioners with publications, tools, and other resources related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion.

NACCHO welcomes any tools or resources you would like to share with local health departments. To submit a tool to the Chronic Disease Prevention Toolkit, please contact Camillia Easley.

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NACCHO: Chronic Disease Prevention Distribution List

In the Spotlight
Evidence-Based Public Health Training Resource:  A Screencast Series for Local Health Departments

Part I-IV of NACCHO's screencast series, "Three Ways the Community Guide
Makes the LHD Worker's Job Easier," is now available.

By viewing these screencasts you will learn how to:

-Use Task Force recommendations from the Community Guide to quickly identify prevention approaches that work

-Access systematic review findings from the Community Guide to enhance your grants

-Use resources from the Community Guide to promote dialog with multi-sector stakeholders

-Implement six steps to integrate Community Guide findings into your Community Health Improvement Plan as part of your accreditation efforts

Click to download the screencasts:

After viewing, please take a brief survey to help us improve the screencasts:

The information provided in Screencast II is not intended to represent a community health improvement process. The screencast's purpose is to understand how you can integrate evidence-based practice into your Community Health Improvement Plan. Please note that NACCHO has no bearing on decisions made by the Public Health Accreditation Board and that the use of this webcast in no way implies that a health department will be accredited.