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» Building Healthier Communities Compendium Series

Building Healthier Communities: Local Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs
This compendium highlights local health department (LHD) programs that address nutrition and physical activity as well as environmental and policy changes.

Building Healthier Schools: Local Collaborations to Promote Nutrition and Physical Activity 
This compendium features case studies of peers who have developed strong relationships with the educational community in order to combat the issues of poor nutrition and physical inactivity.

Building Healthier Communities: Local Collaborations to Promote Healthy Aging 
This compendium features the collaborative efforts of LHDs with other aging organizations aimed at promoting healthy aging. Topics include Medicare Part D education, HIV prevention, physical activity, nutrition, mental health, and caregiver support.

Building Healthier Communities: Integrating Mental Health and Public Health
This compendium highlights LHDs that are taking a public health approach to addressing the mental health needs of their communities.

Building Healthier Communities: Local Health Department and School Collaboration for Adolescent HIV/STI Prevention
This compendium presents examples of LHDs across the United States that are prioritizing adolescent HIV/STI prevention, particularly through partnerships with schools.

Building Healthy Communities: Lessons Learned from the CDC''s Steps Programs
This compendium presents case studies of communities that participated in the CDC''s Steps program as a means of addressing chronic disease.