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Webinars and Training Opportunities

 This is an archived project. NACCHO is committed to maintaining the resources on this site but will not be making updates.

Recent Webinar Opportunities

WEBINAR SERIES: Maximizing Third Party Reimbursement through Enhanced Medical Documentation and Coding

HealthHIV's National Center for Healthcare Capacity Building recently hosted a webinar series focused on maximizing revenues. These webinars explain proper documentation in patient health care and identify and differentiate between evaluation and management codes to maximize third party clinical site reimbursement. The sequential series includes a desk-reference resource guide which is available here. 

NACCHO's Becoming an In-Network Provider: The Health Department Perspective

The public health system is transforming due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the decline in federal and state discretionary funds. Public health departments have started to seek alternative sources of revenue to continue providing services in their community. Many health departments are exploring billing for clinical services provided and are trying to become a contracted in-network provider with health plans.

NACCHO hosted a webinar titled “Becoming an In-Network Provider: The Health Department Perspective” where speakers from Mississippi, New York, and North Dakota shared their contracting experiences. The recording from this webinar is available here and you can find the slides here. Answers to the Q and A section are available here.

Additional Webinars