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H1N1 Resource Kit

NACCHO has developed a comprehensive H1N1 Resource Kit for local public health planning and response.  This resource kit houses all information, tools, and resources for H1N1 planning. More »

NACCHO Events, Activities, and Featured Resources

During the 2009 Annual Conference, NACCHO hosted two events featuring local health department lessons learned from the spring H1N1 outbreak. Summary notes and report from a survey on local health departments are available here:

Vaccine Planning

Vaccine Administration


Research, Guidance, Publications, and Tools

» General
» Vaccine Distribution and Implementation
» Information on Antivirals


Vaccine Distribution and Implementation


Activities and Updates

School Dismissal Monitoring System

The CDC and the Department of Education, in collaboration with state and local health and education agencies and national non-governmental organizations, have implemented a school dismissal monitoring system that will generate highly-accurate, real-time, national summary data daily on the number of school dismissals and the number of impacted students and teachers. More information available here.

H1N1 Fraudulent Products

Use this widget to search for Web sites illegally marking unapproved, uncleared, or unauthorized products in relation to the 2009 H1N1 virus. For more information, visit the FDA H1N1 Flu Page and

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H1N1 Fraudulent Products.
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