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Story from the Field

Name of Health Department/Agency: Multnomah County Health Department
State: OR
Date Added: 12/09/2009
Themes: Communications - General H1N1,State and Local Coordination
Issue Summary: Maintaining community's trust through various communication strategies
Description of Issue(s): We feel communication prioritization has been enormously helpful and successful in making sure we maintain our community's trust with the vaccine scarcity and changing messaging.
Actions taken to address the issue(s): We have made lots of relationship calls and visits to explain why postponing etc. We held one extra Health and Medical MACG with our hospital and health systems. We increased resources for PIO function and have been doing outreach to TV, radio and newspapers to make sure our messaging is consistent and interpreted correctly. Also have had contact with our city and county electeds not directly in our chain of command, i.e., other mayors, and our Congressman's office.
Outcomes that resulted from actions taken: We feel coming together with southwest Washington state, and two other counties and Oregon for our response planning, PIO functions and vaccine distribution strategy has also been a key ingredient to maintaining our community trust. We have 7:30 am phone calls 4 days a week and meet once a week face to face to go over what is happening and anticipate issues that are going to arise.

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