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Story from the Field

Name of Health Department/Agency: Jefferson County Health Department
State: OH
Date Added: 11/25/2009
Themes: Vaccine Planning and Administration
Issue Summary: Jefferson County Health Dept. conducts specialized H1N1 flu clinics.
Description of Issue(s):

In an effort to reach the targeted Tier I populations designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Jefferson County Health Department conducted specialized H1N1 flu clinics.

Actions taken to address the issue(s): From September to November regularly monthly meetings with County School Superintendents about school-based clinics for each school building in the county were conducted and furthermore conducted one-on-one meetings with each building principal. A H1N1 flu shot survey & vaccine administration permission slips were distributed to each school district. In response to the survey a tentative schedule was put together to target school-aged children. Unpredictably, the amount of vaccine received fell well short of the demand for the vaccine. Current plans were then altered to address the current situatin as follows:

Vaccinate children ages 4 through 19 in each district at a centrally located school based evening clinic for students that attended that school district. The department hosted two H1N1 clinics a week. Student nurses from the local community college and local University volunteered to screen, educate, and vaccinate patients.

On October 19th the department hosted its first H1N1 nasal spray clinic at a local community college for EMS/Healthcare workers, which was not as successful as predicted due to the amount of individuals afraid to get the live attenuated nasal spray vaccine. As more inactivated vaccine became available the department began offering the shot at H1N1 evening clinics only to those who did not meet the requirements for the nasal spray in the Tier I priority groups.

On November 4th the department began its first H1N1 school based clinic and wrapped up the districts by November 12th.

Additional clinics for other Tier I groups were also conducted, even special clinics for deaf and hard of hearing individuals as well as pregnant women that obtained a prescription from their OB-GYN physician.

Outcomes that resulted from actions taken:

See attached report for more in-depth review.

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