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Local Health Department Guide to Pandemic Influenza Planning (PDF)


Intended for use by local health departments (LHDs) as part of a multi-sector effort to coordinate planning for and response to a pandemic influenza outbreak, the 60-page guide offers the following:

  • An overview of key issues that should be considered for inclusion in a local jurisdiction's pandemic influenza plan.
  • An examination within each issue area of questions that should be asked, ideas on where to find information that may be needed, and partners that could be consulted to address those topics within the plan.
  • Examples of ways in which other jurisdictions have addressed the topics described in the guide.
  • Links to information that can be used to further investigate the topics or resources that can be used to customize tools for individual jurisdictions.

At the core of this guide are plans developed by departments that host two of NACCHO's Advanced Practice Centera, cutting-edge learning laboratories that develop and test tools that help other LHDs tackle all-hazards preparedness. Santa Clara County, California and Seattle-King County, Washington, have both produced notably comprehensive, but very different, plans addressing pandemic influenza that serve as the foundation of this document's findings.

Format: PDF

Primary Toolkit:

APC Toolkit

Keyword Area:

Advanced Practice Centers, Pandemic Influenza, Strategic Planning, Surge Capacity


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Five most recent user comments

1.5 Stars of 5 - Not Useful
LHD Guide to Pandemic Influenza Planning
By Paula Anderson
Much has been learned since this document was written through the nationwide experience with H1N1.  This document seems historical and general at this point, although it could still serve as a very general guideline.  It could be retained as such, but it really should be revised extensively and made more practical and applicable based on lessons learned from experiences with H1N1.

3 Stars of 5 - Useful
Local Health Department Guide to Pandemic Influenz
Useful overview for pandemic influenza planning, covers broad range of topics. Valuable for facilitating discussions and work groups.

2 Stars of 5 - Somewhat Useful
Pan Flu Guide
By Amanda Bogard
This tool doesn't incorporate lessons learned from H1N1.  What actions do health departments take if the strain is not as virulent as planned for?

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