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Points of Dispensing (POD) Just-In-Time Training (JITT)


Health planners often find that they must rely on volunteers and employees from other agencies to fully staff the PODs they establish when an incident occurs.  It is usually impossible to provide training to all POD workers in advance, which creates a need for last-minute training. 

The attached document was designed to meet that need. This 127 page PDF of Just-in-Time Training (JITT) was created by the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and is flexible enough to use in any large facility.  We provide you with Word versions of the JITT in the attached zip file and encourage you to make any revisions needed to meet your training goals.

 This tool has been reviewed and found useful by a number of local public health preparedness practitioners.

The information is appropriate for any size health department.

The document is large and comprehensive, but it is easy to pull out only those sections that are needed by a particular health department, which may be necessary to provide training as quickly as possible during an emergency. It may be particularly helpful to review the "Tips for Planners" on page 2 of the document.

Primary Toolkit:

PPHR Toolkit

Secondary Toolkits:

EQUIPh Toolkit,Medical Countermeasure (MCM) Toolkit,Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Toolkit,Influenza Toolkit

Keyword Area:

All-Hazards, Epidemiology


200,000 - 299,999

Institutional Author:

Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, WA





Five most recent user comments

4.5 Stars of 5 - Very Useful
Very Useful Tool!
By Anonymous

Luckily I came across this tool while looking through the NACCHO Connect email.  The modular format they have used is a great way to simply the process and allow flexibility based on the actual situation.  We are currently planning a full scale POD exercise (outside, drive-through) and I believe these modules can serve as a basis for our staff training.  Thanks so much for sharing!

4 Stars of 5 - Very Useful
Points of Dispensing (POD) Just-In-Time Training (
By Joshua Carlyle
Very good tool for training purposes.  Users of the tool should note the comments on pulling out only the necessary sections for emergency use.  As a whole, the tool is  too comprehensive for emergency use, but that does make it very useful for pre-emergency training.  Additionally, I would encourage users to review the ICS protions of the tool to make sure they conform to local/regional/state use of ICS.

3 Stars of 5 - Useful
By Dana Henderson
Good Overall reivew. However, it is very focused on ICS. This may be better as just the POD ICS training component of JIT rather than the only JIT presentaiton you rely on.

5 Stars of 5 - Extremely Useful
Points of Dispensing Just-In-Time Training
By Deborah Hieronim
Comprehensive and excellent tool. Includes everything for POD training, A to Z. Is not limited to Just-In-Time training, could be incorporated into a general POD training for Public Health staff.

5 Stars of 5 - Extremely Useful
Points of Dispensing Just in Time Training tool re
By Elizabeth Faber
Excellent- easy to use and understand.

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