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Marin County (CA) Countywide Plan


The Marin County (CA) Countywide Plan provides a good example of a large metropolitan comprehensive sustainability plan. Implementation of the policies and programs of the Countywide Plan is intended to assist the larger Marin community in achieving the following:

• A Preserved and Restored Natural Environment: Marin watersheds, natural habitats, wildlife corridors, and open space will be protected, restored, and enhanced.
• A Sustainable Agricultural Community: Marin’s working agricultural landscapes will be protected, and the agricultural community will remain viable and successfully produce and market a variety of healthy foods and products.
• A High-Quality Built Environment;
• More-Affordable Housing;
• Less Traffic Congestion;
• A Vibrant Economy;
• A Reduced Ecological Footprint: Marin residents and businesses will increasingly use renewable energy, fuel efficient transportation choices, and green building and business practices similar to the level of Western Europe.
• Collaboration and Partnerships: Marin public agencies, private organizations, and regional partners will reach across jurisdictional boundaries to collaboratively plan for and meet community needs.
• A Healthy and Safe Lifestyle: Marin residents will have access to a proper diet, health care, and opportunities to exercise, and the community will maintain very low tobacco, alcohol, drug abuse, and crime rates.
• A Creative, Diverse, and Just Community; and
• A Community Safe from Climate Change: Marin will be a leader in averting and adapting to all aspects of climate change.

One of the guiding principles of the Marin Countywide Plan is to support public health, safety, and social justice.


Primary Toolkit:

Climate Change Toolkit

Keyword Area:

Active Living, Adaptation, Climate, Community Design, Environmental Health, Tobacco, Transportation Planning


Institutional Author:

Marin County (CA) Community Development Agency





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Marin County Countywide Plan
By Brendon Haggerty

The link should be http://www.marincounty.org/depts/cd/divisions/planning/2007-marin-countywide-plan

This is a 2007 document and is somewhat dated at this point. Goals & policies specific to climate change and health are fairly broad/not specific. 

1 Stars of 5 - Not Useful
Tool Review
By Raymond Roe
It appeared that the tool was no longer available on the website. If it was available the webpage did not provide clear instructions to direct one to the tool.

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