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POD operations manual


This Medication Center (Point of Dispensing / POD) Operations Manual describes how medication and/or vaccine will be dispensed to a large number of people, potentially everyone in Philadelphia, within 48 hours, in the event the population is exposed to a naturally occurring public health emergency or to a hazardous bioagent such as anthrax or smallpox.  The POD Operations Manual describes the principles involved in mass dispensing operations, the organizational structure of the PDPH Command Center and the POD, and details how to set-up, open, run and close a POD. Supporting documentation, including job action sheets, forms, and a detailed list of  POD supplies are located in the appendices.


This manual is well developed to serve as a model for health departments preparing to enhance readiness for an emergency situation.  It includes narrative of the training for staff in the Philadelphia area as well as example charts and forms that can be used as templates, information on different bioagents, information on different antibiotics, and pictures and diagrams of the POD. 

Primary Toolkit:

Medical Countermeasure (MCM) Toolkit

Keyword Area:

Strategic Planning


Institutional Author:

Philadelphia Department of Public Health




Five most recent user comments

4 Stars of 5 - Very Useful
By Dana Henderson

Overall this is a very comprehensive document and seems more to be a hybrid of a Standard Operating Guide and a FOG. I also think there are some updated that would help this document be even better.

4 Stars of 5 - Very Useful
POD operations manual
By Deborah Hieronim
Comprehensive manual that includes operational instructions as well as forms, guides, charts, and other materials that may be utilized in mass prophylaxis.  Organizational charts and staffing information are included, although ICS organization and position titles are not used.  Manual is well organized with helpful notes in the margins and pictures with instructional materials. Mass vaccination is addressed in addition to medication dispensing.

4.5 Stars of 5 - Very Useful
POD operations manual
By Joshua Carlyle
This is a very good manual.  It is well written and concise.  They did a nice job of using bullets and lists to help minimize words on the page.  I also like that it basically walks you through a POD operation from start to finish.  The one drawback is the file format.  A pdf document can't be easily adapted for use by others.  Hopefully this can be changed.

4.5 Stars of 5 - Very Useful
Very comprehensive
By Elizabeth Faber
This is definitely a model for other agencies to utilize. It has some great templates for others to incorporate and even small ideas (pictures, tips, etc) that any agency can add to an already existing plan.

4 Stars of 5 - Very Useful
POD Operations Manual
By Teresa Bates
Very detailed and comprehensive manual. I like the teaching narratives that hit the highlights. And the org charts on the individual JAS is a great idea. I do find the JAS titles confusing-the term "medical" is overused.

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