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Why Form a SACCHO?

In addition to the national voice that NACCHO provides for local health departments, there are many benefits to statewide associations that can advocate at the state level for things locals need. Some of the main benefits of having a SACCHO include:

  • Better advocacy potential/leverage for funding
  • Better coordination of local health department efforts
  • Ability to put out a consistent message
  • Better negotiation capability
  • Share methods and best practices
  • Concurrence on BT funding

Why Partner with NACCHO?

By working together, NACCHO and partner SACCHOs strengthen each other and the local public health officials who we serve. Participation in the State Partners program is available to all SACCHOs. In this program, we formalize the partnership between the SACCHO and NACCHO with a memorandum of understanding (MOU), allowing us to work together in innovative and beneficial ways.

Collaboration is the focus of these agreements. The following are some of the ways that, through the agreements, we are able to work together to increase our success.

Combined dues lessen the administrative burden on our members. They write only one check for the NACCHO and the SACCHO dues.

Data sharing helps both organizations maintain more accurate records about current members and non-members in your state.

Collaborative membership recruitment creates a team approach to recruiting members in your state. We work together to develop joint invoices and recruitment materials that will work in your state.

Increased state-wide participation in NACCHO secures greater state representation in NACCHO activities and increases our influence in our work with elected officials from your state.

Rewards are a fundamental part of the agreements. These incentives provide tangible benefits to increasing your state''s participation in NACCHO.

Discounted dues are offered to NACCHO members in your state. They are sent to the SACCHO as a rebate at the conclusion of the membership year.

Up to three free conference registrations to NACCHO''s annual meeting are offered to the SACCHO to distribute to local health officials in the state. This year, twelve free conference registrations were awarded to SACCHOs as part of this program.

Each SACCHO is unique, so NACCHO works to tailor each agreement to accommodate the structure of the partner organization.

For additional information about the State Partners program, contact NACCHO at 877-533-1320, or via e-mail at membership@naccho.org.