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Dewey Caruthers, Graduate business degree

President + CEO
180-Change, FL

Dewey is a senior-level social marketing strategist. He has worked on prevention campaigns that are among the nation's most successful in addressing tobacco and obesity. He worked on the national 'Truth' anti-tobacco campaign, as well as on numerous highly successful state 'Truth'-style campaigns, including being the chief strategist for the West Virginia campaign that reduced teen tobacco use by 32.5% over three years, and smokeless tobacco use by 38%. Big Tobacco doubled its marketing effort from $35 million to $70 million in the state during Dewey's work. Dewey applied some best practices from teen tobacco prevention, in an age-appropriate manner, to childhood obesity. The result was Kidz Bite Back: A kid-created, kid-led, kid-spread movement of 4th and 5th graders who spread the word about how Big Fat Industries (fast food, soft drink, junk food industries) and Couch Potato Companies (children's TV networks and video game companies) target kids and try to get them to consume and use their products in excess, instead of in moderation. He also created 'Parentz Step Up', a hard-hitting parental responsibility and accountability ad campaign aimed at reducing childhood obesity. The premise is that although there are many influencers of childhood obesity, a parent is ultimately responsible and accountable for their child(ren) becoming overweight or obese. The core education component of 'Parentz Step Up' is showing mom's how Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies are making it extremely difficult for mom's to raise a healthy family. Only after understanding the misleading and deceiving advertising and marketing of these industries can parents truly be responsible and accountable for their children's health. Furthermore, Dewey has created nationally innovative resources in obesity prevention, including Big Fat Math, which is a calories-activity calculator to show parents and children how much activity it takes to burn-off a particular fast food, soft drink or junk food product. For instance, did you know a 75 pound kid would have to walk for 15 hours and 15 minutes without stopping to burn-off a large Dairy Queen Cookie Dough Blizzard?...or that the same kid would have to wash his/her dog for 5 hours without stopping to burn-off a snack bag of Lay's potato chips and a large Code Red Mt. Dew (that's gonna be one clean dog!). To use Big Fat Math, please visit www.bigfatmath.com. Dewey writes a monthly article (posted on 180-Change website - www.180change.org) on social marketing in obesity prevention.


Date Time Title Track Session Type Location
Jul 16, 2010 8:00 AM-
9:30 AM
Kidz Bite Back: Changing Course Policy and System Changes - Impacts and Opportunities Sharing Session (90 minutes) Room 28

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