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In the Spotlight

Through communications activities, local health departments (LHDs) can raise awareness of local public health efforts, influence policymakers, engage the media, educate the public, deliver calls to action, and inspire behavioral change. An integrated approach to communications includes media outreach, branding, social media, marketing, advertising, and community engagement. Whether an LHD is planning a communications program, crafting a media strategy, or framing a message to reach target audiences, NACCHO has developed and compiled a variety of useful resources:

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Check Out NACCHO's Communications Channels
As the voice of the nation's 2,800 LHDs, NACCHO uses a variety of communication methods to promote the work of LHDs and public health. NACCHO's communications present the latest resources and proven practices from the field to inspire strong health department performance. Access printed and digital materials through the Publications store. Connect with NACCHO and other LHDs using e-newsletters, blogs, and social media sites.

Health Department Directory

Use this interactive map to search for an LHD and its contact information by state. The map is also searchable by zip code. Go to the LHD Index.

Local Health Department Search Widget Available

A widget is an application that displays content directly on your website. This widget will enable users to search NACCHO's Local Health Department (LHD) Directory by zip code. Once you've embedded the html code on your website, the LHD contact information will automatically be updated as we receive new information. Get the widget now. More »