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H1N1 Blog Archives

All H1N1 Blog Posts

August 2010
Thank You to Readers
HHS Strategy for Confronting Future Pandemics
What H1N1 Taught Us
Accreditation Improved Response to H1N1
July 2010
The Next Flu Season
Tips on Writing an H1N1 AAR
Studies: Impact of H1N1 and Vaccine
June 2010
Studies Show Immunity to H1N1
Hotline Strategy: CDC-INFO Call Center
Pandemic or Not?
May 2010
Local Health Department Heroes Honored
Polls Show Public’s Attitude Towards H1N1
Advances in Vaccine Production
H1N1 Sessions at NACCHO Annual 2010
H1N1 in the News: Hawaii and Montana Look Back at the Year
April 2010
Regional ICS Drill a Success
ICS Proved Essential in Pandemic Response
Rates of Seasonal Flu Vaccination Rise this Year
MRC Unit Partners with Doctors Without Walls to Vaccinate Homeless
H1N1: One Year Later
Story from the Field: Achieving High Rates of Vaccination among Healthcare Workers and Children
Protecting Patients by Immunizing Healthcare Workers
Vaccine Distribution in New York: Obstacles and Accomplishments
Vaccination Day for Pets and People
Handling Vaccine Surplus
H1N1 Activity in the Southeast
National Public Health Week
Virginia Health Officials Honored as Heroes
March 2010
Face-off: The Nassau County MRC Takes on H1N1 at Professional Ice Hockey Game
Studies Show Pregnant Women Severely Impacted by H1N1
Story from the Field: Health Officials Act as Information Ambassadors
Push to Adopt Paid Sick Leave
Did H1N1 Have High Mortality Rates among Seniors?
Staying Healthy over College Spring Break
Story from the Field: LHD Takes on Distributor Role
Eastern Shore MRC Unit Crosses the Chesapeake Bay
FDA Announces New Guidance for Cell-Based Vaccine Production
Stories from the Field: Creatively Advertising H1N1 Vaccine
February 2010
Pandemic Magnified Areas for Improvement and Collaboration
H1N1 in the News
H1N1 Data: What Does It All Really Mean?
Public Health Preparedness Summit Talks H1N1
Poll: Most Americans Approve of Public Health Response to H1N1
Pediatric-Related H1N1 News and Resources
WHO Reacts to Accusations of Creating "Fake" Pandemic
Health Departments Assess Response to H1N1
Time to Ensure Children Are Immune to H1N1
H1N1 in the News: Some Countries Now Donating Vaccine to WHO
January 2010
Poll: Healthcare Providers Influenced Vaccination Rates
Texas Survey Recommends More Preparedness Efforts for People with Disabilities
How to Reach People with Disabilities about Influenza
Senator Grassley Visits H1N1 Vaccination Clinic
Story from the Field: Vaccinating at Public Gatherings to Reach At-Risk Communities
Health Equity and Response to H1N1
"I'm a Flu Fighter"
Seniors Get Green Light for H1N1 Vaccine
Google Flu Trends Catching on
From Text Messages to "The Colbert Report": Connecting with Young People
Preventing H1N1 in Pregnant Women, Children, and Teens
Community Organization Playing Important Role in H1N1 Response
Preventing H1N1 and the Flu for Those with Chronic Health Conditions
Story from the Field: Ambush on H1N1
More Opportunities to Protect Yourself and Your Family against H1N1
National Influenza Vaccination Week
Cities Readiness Initiative Prepared Health Officials to Confront H1N1
December 2009
Lessons Learned While Vaccination Campaign Continues
Partnering with Pharmacies to Provide Vaccine
What H1N1 Taught Us about Preparedness
The Best H1N1 PSAs of 2009
Social Media Resources
H1N1 News: Development and Distribution of Vaccine
Health Departments Respond to H1N1 through Twitter, Facebook
MRC Resources for LHDs
H1N1 in This Week's News
Medical Reserve Units Respond to H1N1
Q&A: Expanding Availability of the Vaccine
Useful Resources: School Monitoring and Preventing Fraud
H1N1 Buzz Creates Internet Fraud
Useful Practice for School Surveillance
November 2009
Stay Healthy over the Holidays
CDC Webcast for Bloggers
Addressing Public Concerns
H1N1 Video Round-Up
Home with Flu
Solutions to Vaccine Demand
Q&A on Vaccine Allocation
Boost in Funding for Some LHDs
H1N1 Challenges
Local Health Departments Face H1N1 and Funding Cuts