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H1N1 Video Round-Up

November 19, 2009

family with computerOne of the challenges with prevention and vaccination of H1N1 has been reaching the targeted groups. Children from six months to 24 years of age are considered one of the priority groups to receive the vaccine. Prevention among this group is also an extremely important issue, considering the rate of interactions among younger people frequenting schools, universities, and other public places.  

The CDC, local health departments, and other organizations have attempted to specifically target this group by using multimedia technology and the Web. There are several videos that use familiar faces, music, and stories for children in order to transmit important information on H1N1 influenza prevention.

has brought the message about H1N1 prevention to "Sesame Street." The "Third Little Pig" has been interviewed on the subject. 

There is also some H1N1 hip hop, including a song for the kids by Dr. Mache Seibel for DocRock and a rap by Dr. Clark that won CDC''s PSA contest this past September.

For the older crowd, the "Mythbusters" from the Discovery Channel have taken on the misinformation surrounding H1N1 ("You can catch it from eating pork"), and created their own PSA. 

Reaching children through stories, videos, and songs could be an important way of getting the message out. NACCHO would like to hear about other methods that have been used for outreach and education on H1N1. Please comment below with your feedback.

In tomorrow''s post, we will be sharing newly released information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on flu prevention, treatment, and vaccination—including myths and facts.


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Maia BrodyField
The Boston Public Health Commission has created a flu music video parody that can be viewed on the Commission's YouTube channel:

A shorter version of this video is currently running as a PSA in AMC Loews movie theaters, and on Comcast stations BET, MTV, FX, and NICK.