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"I'm a Flu Fighter"

January 19, 2010

Flu.gov has launched a new application on Facebook that allows users to take on new online identities as superpowered “Flu Fighters.” Users can select a Flu Fighting character—complete with cape and body armor—to appear on their Facebook profile.

The application doesn’t require users to have received the seasonal or H1N1 influenza vaccine, but is intended as a trusted portal of information on flu vaccines. Flu.gov launched the application to help increase interest in the vaccine by spreading information about where vaccines can be found, how it felt to get vaccinated, and other information from Facebook friend to Facebook friend.

From the Flu.gov Web site:
“People often rely on the advice of close friends and family when it comes to personal matters of health. Through emerging social media tools like Facebook, we can share updates with our friends and family and promote positive health behaviors.”

The application was created by Healthy Social, a non-profit project exploring how social networks can promote positive health behaviors and attitudes.


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