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H1N1 Blog

Thank You to Readers
August 30, 2010

Thank you very much to our readership for your interest, submissions, comments, and participation in the NACCHO H1N1 Blog. This blog was an opportunity to discuss and chronicle lessons learned in the field during the response to H1N1.
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HHS Strategy for Future Pandemics
August 27, 2010

The H1N1 pandemic caused many losses, but one favorable outcome is an opportunity to reevaluate our response capabilities on a large scale.
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What H1N1 Taught Us
August 17, 2010

On Aug. 10, the World Health Organization officially declared the H1N1 pandemic over. On a global scale, this means that—with the exception of India and New Zealand—H1N1 activity has largely subsided and no major outbreaks have recently occurred.
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Accreditation Improved Response to H1N1
August 4, 2010

Last summer the North Carolina Institute for Public Health (NCPIH) did a “quick-strike” study to examine the impact of public health accreditation on preparedness.
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The Next Flu Season
July 30, 2010

Do we know what to expect next year?
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Tips on Writing an H1N1 AAR
July 21, 2010

Useful tips for compiling an After Action Report (AAR) on H1N1.
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Studies: Impact of H1N1 and Vaccine
July 20, 2010

Two studies show the impact of the virus and the vaccine.
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Studies Show Immunity to H1N1
June 16, 2010

There are an increasing number of studies that point to long-term immunity offered by previous infection with H1N1 virus.
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Hotline Strategy: CDC-INFO Call Center
June 7, 2010

As part of CDC’s own response to H1N1, officials established a call center that was able to respond to 93 percent of calls in 30 seconds or less.
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Pandemic or Not
June 2, 2010

This June marks a year since H1N1 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.
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Local Health Department Heroes Honored
May 26, 2010

Local health departments across the country have been recognized for their efforts in responding to the H1N1 pandemic.
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This blog presents stories from the field provided by local health departments (LHDs) about the H1N1 influenza pandemic. In addition to a source for important updates and information on H1N1, it is a forum for LHDs to share their ideas, experiences, and expertise.

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