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Photo Gallery

Logos in the Media
CNN video with public health logo
Public Health Department Logo Featured on CNN

The national identity for public health departments continues to gain use and recognition and was shown in CNN video coverage of a malaria prevention program in Africa. If you see examples of the logo being used in your local media, send it to Alisa Blum for posting here.

Health Departments Use Logo with Pride

Health departments across the country have adopted the national identity and incorporated the logo into their daily work to raise awareness and increase the visibility of their health departments. The images below are examples of the logo used in a variety of settings. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full image.

 Okaloosa County HD FL

Okaloosa County Health Department, FL

 Cleveland Dept of Health OH

Cleveland Department of Health, OH

 Jefferson County HD FL

Jefferson County Health Department, FL

 Jefferson County HD FL2

Jefferson County Health Department, FL

 DC Dept of Health

District of Columbia Department of Health

 Sullivan County PH Services NY

Sullivan County Public Health Services, NY


Kansas City Health Department, MO

 Monroe County HD MI

Monroe County Health Department, MI

 Washoe County HD NV

Washoe County Health Department, NV

 Iron County HD WI

Iron County Health Department, WI

 Clay County HD FL

Clay County Health Department, FL

 Champaign-Urbana Health District IL2

Champaign-Urbana Health District, IL

 CADH press conference

The Connecticut Association of Directors of Health used the logo to create a striking background at a press conference.

May 2009 (CT)

 Frederick County backpacks

The Frederick County Health Department added the logo on Public Health Response Team backpacks and on agency letterhead (not pictured).

February 2008 (MD)


CNN video coverage of a malaria prevention campaign in Africa features a cameo of the logo worn by a public health worker.

June 2009

Delaware County PH in Iowa

Delaware County Public Health used the logo in a presentation display at the Early Childhood Fair focusing on nutrition and physical activity. 

April 2009 (IA)

Norwalk Rating Certificate-L

The Norwalk Health Department incorporated the logo into food safety rating certificates displayed publicly in restaurants.

December 2008 (CT)

 Norwalk CT 1-L

Norwalk Health Department''s flu campaign signage including the logo.

December 2008 (CT)


The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District undertook a comprehensive branding effort incorporating the logo across the department, including buses (above) and signage (right)

February 2008 (IL)


Pandemic flu pocket guide created by the Monroe County Health Department

August 2006 (MI)

Representatives of the US Public Health Service and local health officials of the greater Kansas City area celebrate Clay county''s new facility, which features the logo

November 2008 (MO)

Arlington County Public Health used the logo on a flu prevention advertising campaign that was nominated for a Davies Public Health Award

September 2007 (VA)


Nobles-Rock Health Department adopted a customized version of the logo, which is being used across the agency on a variety of materials

August 2007 (MN)

Linn County Public Health used the logo alongside their own on staff badges

July 2007 (IA)

Kansas City Health Department''s public health emergency response trailers at a gathering of Kansas City Regional Emergency Responders

May 2007 (MO)


Multnomah County Health Department created street banners that hung in downtown Portland during Public Health Week

May 2007 (OR)

Macon County Health Department''s newsletter featuring an article on the identity.

March 2007 (IL)

Staff of the San Patricio Health Department wear the colors and symbol of the public health identity

April 2007 (TX)


Anne Arundel County Health Department staff feature the logo at a Public Health Week display

April 2007 (MD)

Washoe County District Health Department incorporates logo and tagline into annual report

March 2007 (NV)

Notecard used by the Washoe County District Health Department

March 2007 (NV)

Letterhead used by the Tulsa Health Department

April 2007 (OK)

Website of the New York Association of County Health Officials.

January 2007 (NY)


State Senator Ridgeway at the Clay County Health Department Groundbreaking Ceremony

September, 2006 (MO)

Communication material created by the Muskegon County Health Department

January 2006 (MI)


Pandemic flu billboard created by the Somerville Health Department

October 2006 (NJ)

Local public health identity used on vehicles in the Somverille, Raritan & Manville Health Department

November 2006 (NJ)


Health Department Director Art Miller and Mayor Rex Lynch at the Anderson County Health Department

October 2006 (TN)

Volunteer outreach materials created by the Cleveland Department of Public Health

November 2006 (OH)

Pandemic flu billboard created by the Lee County Health Department

September 2006 (IL)

Letterhead of the Otter Tail County Public Health Department

October 2006 (MN)

Customized logo used for regional preparedness partnership of 13 local health departments

October 2006 (OH)


Sullivan County Public Health Services Director Carol Ryan wearing a vest featuring the logo

September 2006 (NY)