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Public Health Logo


NACCHO developed a national identity for public health departments to raise awareness of the value of governmental public health. Like other public services that protect the community and respond in times of crisis, public health departments should be visible and understood by the community it serves. 


The national identity offers public health departments a common visual symbol and message that immediately and consistently identifies the people and work of public health departments. Only when health departments across the country embrace the national identity will the goal to become universally recognized and understood be achieved.

Building Visibility for your Health Department


Every day, public health department staff perform duties in a way that is invisible to the people in the communities they serve. Used consistently and over time, the national identity for public health departments will help position your health department on par with the other first responders in your community, raise awareness of the value of public health among policymakers and the public, and increase the morale of your staff.

Using the National Identity for Public Health Departments

Public Health LogoUse of the national identity for public health departments is entirely voluntary. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a health department's existing identity.

These resources provide everything you need to know about the national identity to educate yourselves, your stakeholders, and your staff.


Downloadable Logos: Available in color and grayscale, English and Spanish, and in a variety of file formats.

Guide: Promoting the Public Health Department Brand: Contains graphics standards, FAQs, and instructions on how health department's can customize the logo

Guide: Using Customizable Logos

Photo Gallery: View many examples of ways health departments have incorporated the national identity into their work and how the logo can be used in conjunction with other local government or state logos.

Public Health Logo Merchandise Store: Customizable public health logo gear

PowerPoint: The National Identity for Public Health Departments

Purchase Public Health Lapel Pins

Video: Public Health Logo.  Use this video to share the value and benefits of the important work you do with your key stakeholders- elected officials, community partners, staff and the general public.


For more information about using the logo, contact membership@naccho.org.

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