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Build Visibility for Your Health Department

NACCHO developed a national identify for governmental public health departments to raise awareness of the value of governmental public health. This branding effort offers health departments an opportunity to have a common visual symbol and thematic message, which if used consistently and over time should increase the visibility of your health department in your community.

Visual symbols used consistently over time helps build public awareness. Local governmental health departments, unlike police, fire, and emergency response agencies or non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross, have lacked a universally-known visual identity.

SilhouetteColorSquare_000Every day, health department personnel go about their duties in a way that is invisible to the people in the communities where they work. A universally-recognized visual symbol (logo) would let everyone who observes or uses health department personnel, facilities, vehicles, publications, community meetings, or any other public health activity know that their health department is on the job. A universally-recognized logo also has the potential to link the good work of your health department to health departments across the United States.

Frequent and prominent use of the logo helps show pride in the people and power of public health. Public health departments should be visible and understood by policy makers, community partners, potential funders, and the public. Adopting a consistent logo is one important way to achieve that goal.

Logo and tagline use is entirely voluntary. An important part of achieving the ultimate goal of universal recognition for the logo is preserving uniformity. Many health departments have their own logo, but some do not. The national identity can be used alone or in conjunction with a health department's existing identity.

Explain the National Identity to Stakeholders

Communication Tools

Consistent messaging about the national identity for public health departments will help you position your health department on par with the other critical first responders in your community, raise awareness of the value of public health among policymakers and the public, and increase the morale of your staff.




For more information about using the logo, contact:

Alisa Blum
Program Manager, Media & Public Relations