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Archive of Letters to Congress


Letter endorsing the Influenza Vaccine Security Act of 2007 (12/11/07)

Letter urging passage of mental health parity law (12/10/07)

Letter thanking Members of Congress who voted to override President's veto of FY08 Labor HHS Appropriations bill (12/10/07)

Letter supporting Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act (12/7/07)

Letter urging legislation addressing the public health effects of climate change (12/3/07)

Letter to Senators urging action on 2007 Farm Bill (11/15/07)

Letter to Senator Boxer regarding human health effects of climate change (10/23/07)

Letter supporting increased funding for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program (10/19/07)

Letter supporting Sewage Overflow Right-to-Know Act (10/18/07) (identical letter sent to House members)

Letter to the Senate urging passage of Labor-HHS-Education appropriations for FY08
*signed by 850 associations (10/18/07)

Letter endorsing Coordinated Environmental Public Health Network Act of 2007 (9/21/07)

Letter from NACCHO regarding No Child Left Behind reauthorization (9/18/07)

Letter regarding FY08 HHS funding (9/13/07)

Letter regarding nutrition provisions in the Farm Bill (8/14/07)

Letter endorsing the Public Health Preparedness Workforce Development Act (8/1/07)

Joint letter signed by more than 1,000 groups supporting the House bill funding Health and Human Services (7/10/07)

Joint letter supporting physical activity for children (6/25/07)

Joint letter supporting funding for HIV Prevention programs at CDC (6/15/07)

Joint letter supporting newborn screening (6/11/07)

Joint letter supporting funding for pandemic influenza preparedness (6/5/07)

Joint letter supporting coverage of mental health services in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (5/29/07)

Letter endorsing the Preventive Medicine and Public Health Training Act (5/23/07)

Joint letter supporting the Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant (5/17/07)

Sign on letter supporting FDA regulation of tobacco (5/11/07), e-mail to sign on to the letter.

Letter regarding FY08 discretionary funding allocation for health programs (5/4/07)

Joint letter opposing abstinence-only program (4/10/07)

Joint letter supporting the National Violent Death Reporting System (3/29/07)

Joint letter urging support for CDC's Environmental Health Tracking Program (3/16/07)

Joint letter supporting the National Center for Health Statistics (3/15/07)

Letter regarding FY08 discretionary funding allocation for health programs (2/26/07)

Letter regarding FY07 funding for HIV/AIDS programs (1/26/07)

Letter from Coalition for Health Funding to Senate leadership concerning year long continuing resolution for FY07 (An identical letter was sent to the House leadership.) (1/11/07)