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Directory of Local Health Departments (LHD Index)

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This widget will enable users to search NACCHO's Local Health Department (LHD) Directory by zip code. Once you've embedded the html code on your website, the LHD contact information will automatically be updated as we receive new information. Get the widget now. Get the Widget » 
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To search for a local health department and its contact information, click on a state below and then the department listing; additionally, you can use our zip code search below. Listings with asterisks (*) indicate active NACCHO members. Please note that the health department closest to you may not be in your county of residence. Members, login to update your health department listing.

Zip Code:

lhd Arizona Texas Florida Illinois Wisconsin Kentucky Tennessee Michigan Montana California Kansas Nevada Indiana North Carolina South Carolina Washington Oregon Idaho North Dakota Minnesota Wyoming South Dakota Utah Maine Colorado New Mexico Nebraska Iowa Missouri Oklahoma Alaska Hawaii Arkansas Vermont Louisiana New Hamphshire Ohio New York Mississippi Alabama Georgia West Virginia Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey Virginia Delaware Maryland Washington DC