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Advisory Group Annual Appointments

Call for Volunteers Open in March


NACCHO accepts applications for Advisory Groups in March. For details, including a link to the online application, please continue reading below on how to apply. We hope you will consider contributing to our exciting work.



How to Apply
Review the List of NACCHO Advisory Groups
Click here to view a list of the NACCHO committees and workgroups that are currently seeking participants, along with a brief description of each, and the time commitment involved.
Complete the Online Application
The application is available by logging in to MyNACCHO and clicking "Join Groups" in the My Groups section. To complete the application, rank in order the top three advisory groups for which you would like to be considered. After completing this step, you'll have the opportunity to briefly describe your relevant experience and interest in serving Note: please do not cut and paste from CVs or use bullets or special formatting in your responses.

Every attempt will be made to appoint members to one of their choices, but please note that this will not always be possible. A limited number of openings are available for most advisory groups.
Who May Apply
NACCHO encourages health officials and other local health department staff to consider offering their expertise in order to ensure the best possible products and services for our membership. Appointments are available to NACCHO members only.

Members are asked to serve on only one committee or workgroup at a time.

NACCHO strives to create tools and resources that best address the needs of the diverse public. Members of all minority groups and special populations, including those with disabilities, are encouraged to apply for advisory group service.
Decision Process
All appointments are made by the NACCHO president-elect and vice president. Applicants will be notified via email of their status in late May/ early June.
If you have any questions about the appointment process or about the committees and workgroups recruiting please e-mail or at 877-533-1320.