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Recap of NACCHO Annual 2011 in Hartford, CT — July 20–22

About NACCHO Annual 2011

NACCHO Annual 2011 was an opportunity to join a thousand of your colleagues for the largest annual gathering of local health officials in the United States. NACCHO is the only national organization that hosts annual conferences that specifically address the needs and concerns of local health officials.

NACCHO Annual 2011 provided an interactive setting for local health officials and their public health partners from around the country to examine strategies, share ideas, and plan actions necessary for public health leaders to create and build upon a forward-looking vision of local public health through disease-prevention interventions and wellness promotion, elimination of health inequities among individuals and communities, and expanded leadership capacity within local health departments.

CDC Evaluation

EV1838—NACCHO Annual Conference 2011 Hartford, CT July 20–22, 2011

course detail:

Closed: The CE deadline was Sept. 5, 2011.

The NACCHO 2011 Annual Meeting Thanks Our Sponsors for Their Support

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